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30 November 2008 @ 07:11 am
its been a while since ive posted any icons...so these really suck cos i havent touched ps for a LONG time!!!!!!!
001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
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016 017
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Sarahkomorebi_chan on November 29th, 2008 12:35 pm (UTC)
Yeah doing some now...hopefully D: But I still have work experience so its like D:...I SHOULD ICON IN WORK 8D LOOL *never mind getting 'fired' and kicked out XD*

LOL NO I REFUSE TO, *goes to Korea to get him a name change 8D*

Yeah I'm surely not an anti, yet I still don't love them. But I find a few of their songs to be cute/catchy.. Though I think I was influenced into bothering/liking them more through my boy band love XD Like through the Wonder Boys HAHAH..and also, lets not forget Key Umma's love for girl bands..its so obvious, he knows their lyrics and dances off by heart XD
twee16: Onew XDtwee16 on November 29th, 2008 11:32 pm (UTC)
hahah just do it after ur work experience etc..u have plenty of time to start!!

hahah NOOO lol too bad he isnt changing his name anytime soon so you HAVE TO LOVE HIM!!!! LOL he's not even in korea..probably still lurking in LA somewhere cos thats where he is currently based for his US debut..whenever that will bge supposedly in dec lol

hahah i see no point in antis...sometimes theyre just mean and well jealous? BUT LOL at KEY omma!! LOL of course he would love them he is a young male teen full of hormones! LOL
Sarah: Minho's looking at me bro~ not taemin 8Dkomorebi_chan on November 30th, 2008 12:34 pm (UTC)
but I go on holidays in a few weeks DD: so its like hiatus for the rest of summer~ ;___; and like no iconing D:

*pukes on self*HAHA i am so mean to him 8D Oh yeah, he probably is >D I got some connections n LA..but sadly those connections LIKE Se7en ;____; so they won't help me with evil plans...I wonder how he's going with America n business..heard any news about BoA?

yeah I know, they're all just immature brats who have nothing better to do but hate on strangers. It gets old. Nah, I don't think its jealousy. Its more like they just get a kick out of it for no reason, also influence from other people/media. I'm proud to say I'm not an anti of anyone :D LOOOOOOL hormones ey? XD

OMG I got my poster laminated today, and the lady at office works was all like so 'you a fan of them?" and i was like OMG YOU KNOW THEM TOO *D? and she was like 'no, but i wanted to tell you that I ripped the poster to see you reaction >D" She didn't rip it thank god, but i was kind of spazzing in a bad way for a second cause I was thinking..wait did she just say rip O__O?
And then she asked me who they were *insert me telling her who they are*, and she was like HAHAA I can tell they're a boy band, they look like the backstreet boys LOLOLOLOLOL ... I don't know if thats good or not D:

oh, then my mum saw the poster, close up this time. And she was like all of them are handsome *points at minho" especially him. *insert me thinking OMG YESH SHE APPROVES OF MY HUSBAND 8D* And then my mum pointed at taemin and was like "BUT he looks lieka girl" and I was like, a good one too at that :D LOLOL

OH and like are you getting SHINee calendar, I swear I hope you didn't order big Bang or someone else, cause I need a person to buy through D:*cries in corner*

twee16: Se7en sinstwee16 on November 30th, 2008 01:58 pm (UTC)
oh yeah too true...well ur icons can wait

haahha lol u should grow to like him! lol Boa? i know that sm have mass marketting ploy and supposedly eat you up was supposed to be relewased in aus..but ive seen and heard nothing since last month...but then again i havent really been trying too hard to keep up to date with Boa

i think antis have no life...cos they dedicate their life (well nearly) to bag out ppl like them..it just goes to show you that no matter who you are u will have antis...and in a way the more antis u have the more of a fan base u will have lol yes..hormones! its true! lol he is what 17..so its only normal

OMG i nearly died when i saw the words "ripped" i can imagine ur reactin because it would be exactly like mine! delayed reaction and then OMG you did wat face! its a compliment if ur compared to BSB because they are...no were the ULTIMATE boy band!!!

hahah she approved of MinHo? OMG i think anyone would!!! i know i would!! but i have this thing where nce i know i group oi always like someone else LOL TOFU!!! XDDD even if he isnt the best looking of the lot theres that personality and weirdness of his XDDD hahahah

LOL do u want the calender and diary??? i didnt even know the goods where out yet cos i havent really been on..but i can order them if u want..ive already done the AMIGO and remember and Mirotic version c T-T(hate sm for their mulitiple versions) and i also ordered for a friend the BB calender and diary LOL so tell me if u want anything and i can put it thru XDDD its fine XDD lol
Sarahkomorebi_chan on December 1st, 2008 10:36 am (UTC)
Maybe someday~ I can't predict whats going to happen since before I swore I would never venture into kpop..now look at me... ;___; *slaps self*
LOL eat you up in AUS? that'd be kind of cool...though it depends on who BoA actually manages to capture as her audience. For all we know, tbs might be the ones into her music ;__; Iahvne't been trying either. I just hear bits and pieces off forums or on lj XD

Yeah true, the more antis the bigger your fanbase XD HAHA, I don't want to think of Key and his hormones, its so weird BAHAHA

I died too, and if I'm making in word slowly as I was yesterday and i suddenly hear ripped...O__O... ;__; okay good :D I wasn't the a great fan of BSB...I liked Spice Girls more at that age XD but yeah, seeing as she's comparing SHINee to such a big name boy band I guess it is a compliment :3

YES! *O* Ohh yeah, I dunno if is like that with me. Usually when I start liking boy bands, i really don't care about who the members are unless I know them from an outside source such as a drama. Though I think the first person I took a liking to in SHINee was JH,but that was only cause I thought he looked good in their photos XD since he was like the only one back then who had normal hair XDD yeah, tofu isn't the best looking but his personality and weirdness really do make up for it! I think he's just so adorable, even more so than taemin mhmm

DIARY WHERE? LOOKS OMGS SDFJKSDFNKE *goes to dvdheaven place* OMG I DID NOT KNOW IT CAME WITH A DIARY TOO! YES PRZ! yeah add it to the order. To the increase shipping cost per item. Or is it like yesasia where it has a limit of weight to a package but there's a set price per package? Well yeah anyway ORDER IT :DDD *SPAZZES* you know what sucks..you can't laminate a calendar XD
twee16 on December 1st, 2008 11:50 am (UTC)
hahah u swore u would never venture into kpop??? LOL i kinda thought the same thing with jpop rofl

i kinda want to see boa do ok at least..cos she has potential even if she is a big fob when she speaks...but if ppl look past that they will see that this girl can really sing and dance!!!

hahaha u dont want to think that any of them think that way!!! lol i wouldnt either hahaha

slow mo? dude..that would have been more terrifying!!! u were into the spice girls??? hahah werent we all!!!

i think most fangirls do the same thing...will be attracted to someone but once they know a bit more abt them (the band) they will realise that hey...i dont like that guy i like this one instead and its because of personality. but i do agree that JH does look somewhat good lol so its understandable that many fangirls would like him first and even his voice..but for me i found his voice too nasally..and yeah...i think DUbu has a really cute personality..whereas Taemin is forced to act it more cos he is the magnae? but thats just what i think

there wasnt a diary T-T why!!!!! why!!! they always have diaries in sm!!!!!! once theyre out...i'll pm u on lj or the forum to confirm all the details ok...well products lol